Seedstars World Ambassador

Global Part-time Allows remote

Seedstars World Ambassadors are community leaders, changemakers and involved in their local startup ecosystems to help them grow and get connected to the rest of the world. By becoming a Seedstars World Ambassador you volunteer to help bring a Seedstars World event to your city or country and join the Seedstars Family in the process.

What you need to have:

  • Passion for startups and building startup ecosystem
  • Experience in running startup events
  • Experience in fundraising for startup events

What you can get from being an ambassador:

  • Position yourself as a key player in the local startup ecosystem
  • Network with key people locally and internationally
  • Put your country on the global startup map
  • Get a free trip to be part of the Seedstars Regional and Global Summits
  • Become part of the Seedstars Family

If you are interested, please apply now! Please note that while the role comes with a great set of perks, it is an unpaid volunteer position.

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